Single Data Source

Why you want to have a single data source for inventory and ancillary data.

Basically you have two choices when it comes to inventory data. You can have all your inventory, purchase order, sales order, etc. data in one place (likely your ERP solution) or you can have data stored in multiple places. Those other places could be pieces of paper, spreadsheets or other databases.

Having data in a single data source can offer many benefits:

  • A single source of data greatly reduces issues that may arise due to different values. it is possible that one system may have 14 on hand while others may have different values. How many decisions will be based on “wrong” inventory values? How accurate will these decisions be? How much time will you spend trying to reconcile these disparate systems? By keeping all you inventory and ERP in ONE system, you eliminate the risks of discrepancies – leading to improved business decisions.
  • With a single source of data you have the ability to take a modular approach to operations. For example, you could use RF Barcode solution to ship sales orders while using your existing ERP functions to receive Purchase Orders. You could even ship some orders using scanners while others get shipped using ERP functions. You can grow your use of functions if and when you need them. Maybe all you need is accurate shipping. Why pay for what you don’t need.
  • A single source of data allows you to use the existing ERP functionality and reporting that you are already familiar with. Why would you want to learn two, or more, user interfaces?
  • With a single source of data, you don’t have to worry about timing of data updates. maybe your spreadsheet or WMS does not reflect latest orders, inventory on hand, etc. Everybody in the organization is using same data to make business decisions.

Having redundant data can work, it just may not be worth all the effort. Especially if it is not necessary. Improve your operations while you leveraging your existing investment and simplifying your operations.

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