Accurate Shipping

Are you shipping the right goods to the right customers the first time?

When your customers place an order – they expect to receive the correct products. Accidentally shipping the wrong goods can be extremely costly – affecting your business in the short and long term.

When you ship the wrong goods to your customers, the mistake needs to be fixed – usually by resending the correct item, at your expense. These costs include:

  • wages for office staff dealing with customer issues and processing return and reshipment
  • wages for warehouse staff to reship the correct goods and restock the returned items
  • additional freight charges to return and reship goods.

Long-term customer goodwill is also hurt by shipping errors, risking losing customer’s business.

Inventory decisions are going to be based on wrong values. Item shipped in error will actually be lower than shown. Item on order will actually be higher than shown.

All because of a simple warehouse mistake.

Shipping the right goods reach your customers the first time, your business can save valuable time and money.

Validating and updating warehouse transactions in real-time allows you to ensure that the correct items are picked for each your customers, every time. This prevents costly reshipments and improves customer satisfaction.

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